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Come see us at Shell – Weekends only

1199 El Camino Real San Bruno, CA 94066


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  1. Yelp review just posted:

    Paul’s Detailing

    Categories: Auto Detailing, Auto Parts & Supplies
    5.0 star rating

    Drove by Paul working on a car on 17th St. in SF last week and hired him on the spot — something about his sign suggested he was an independent guy who took pride in his work. When he worked on my car here in the avenues, he was accosted by neighbors, the mailman, and others — he’s obviously got more work than he can handle. (And since he does not charge by the hour I didn’t mind the interruptions.)

    As someone who used to do a little body work and detailing decades ago I actually enjoy waxing cars and fixing little dings, but I know my skills are far too rusty to do it properly. In fact, I had tried to use polishing compound on some little scratches and rubbed off the clear-coat, which made the problem far, far worse.

    I assumed I would need to pay a body shop hundreds or thousands to fix these scratches & dings and properly restore the finish of a 2 year-old 2009 Lexus with dark blue paint to near-showroom condition, but in fact, Paul did it for a lot less. I watched him do a good deal of the work, hoping to pick up some useful info, but the truth is to learn what he knows would take a lot more than casual observation, not to mention having the proper equipment.

    I wish I had before-and-after photos of the dings & scratches he fixed, as he was able to do this even better than I expected. The minor ones were made completely invisible, and the major ones were improved to the point you’d need to look hard in bright light to see there was any damage. Short of paying a body shop to replace the panels, or do a professional re-painting, this is the best option for fixing those annoying imperfections that are inevitable on any car after a year or two.

    Paul’s a friendly and affable guy and a dog-lover to boot. He does great work and takes pride in it. If you want a quickie wax job in 30-45 minutes, perhaps there are carwashes that will do an adequate job. If you want the real deal, someone who knows paint & finishes and all the tricks of the trade, you can’t go wrong with Paul.

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